Loretta is a qualified colon hydro therapist,reflexologist.. She has 28 years of experience as a therapist and mainly specializes in the field of detoxification. Loretta has certifications and diplomas in Therapeutic Reflexology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Live & Dry Blood Microscopic Analysis. In recent years, Loretta taught Reflexology at the university of Potchefstroom to upcoming Reflexologists. Loretta also worked alongside metal toxicologist  Dr Karen Smit in Randburg performing ozone colon hydro therapy on autistic children. 

At Capedetox our main objective is to regenerate your liver in a natural way.We try to make you understand the functions of the liver,liver disease and how to repair it. With our advanced and one of a kind colonhydrotherapy system, we don't just focus on cleaning the colon BUT our main aim is to INDUCE the liver to PURGE many litres of TOXIC BILE. Toxic bile can contain old hormones,old cholesterol deposits, gallstones, allopathic drug residues, heavy metals, pesticides and the list goes on.Our aim is to support any degenerate conditions in the long run and to PREVENT before serious disease patterns set in. Our aim is to support general well-being (blood sugarlevels, blood pressurelevels, hormone levels ect) as well. Our approach is holistic, we view the body systems as one and try to support all the organs in a natural way. We do however also work alongside normal gp's and integrated DOCTORS and may often advise our clients to go get prescription medication in cases of severe bacterial infection in the blood (we can see this in our live-and dryblood analysis). Our bloodanalysis can detect cholesterol crystals, severe mineral deficiencies, parasites, heavy metals ect. We often deal with difficult cases of cancer, lupus, ricketsia, diabetes, depression, addiction ect.